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Aptamers 2019
03-04 April 2019, Oxford
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Aptamers 2018 invites demonstration of R&D and laboratory supplies related to DNA/RNA oligonucleotide research and invites commercial sponsorship. We have a variety of highly-competitive sponsorship packages. However, if your needs are not covered by our offered packages, we will be happy to develop a package to suit your requirements.

For our sponsors brochure, the booking form and terms, please email at:


Aptamers 2018 Sponsors

Gold Sponsor

RIBOMIC Inc is a biopharmaceutical venture company based in Tokyo. The company is developing molecular targeted pharmaceutical drugs using RNA aptamers with its unique and advanced platform technologies called the RiboART System.

RIBOMIC has been promoting the pharmaceutical discovery program in collaboration with Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., The University of Tokyo, and some other academic partners. Especially in April 2014, RIBOMIC entered into a world-wide exclusive license agreement for the anti-NGF aptamer (RBM004) with Fujimoto Pharmaceutical Corporation. In September 2015, RIBOMIC Inc. was listed on The Tokyo Stock Exchange Corporation Mothers Market…read more on the company website

Silver Sponsor

SomaLogic is transforming healthcare by applying our proprietary protein-measurement technology to enable the precise monitoring of each individual’s health and wellness status in real time. We work with many different partners across research, health management, pharmaceutical development, and other health-related fields to build applications on our “SOMAscan Platform,” a single cost-effective and reliable testing platform that provides actionable and timely information to patients and healthcare providers across a wide range of diseases and conditions. Our SOMAmer® and SOMAscan® technologies also have multiple applications across the biomedical and life sciences, and are currently available to the entire scientific community for their own research needs. For more information, visit www.somalogic.com.

Silver Sponsor

Centauri Therapeutics Ltd is a UK-based biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of novel molecules targeting life threatening diseases.

The company has established a core R&D facility at Discovery Park in Sandwich, Kent, with an experienced team of industry scientists focused on discovery, optimisation and development of novel Alphamers targeting acute hospital acquired infections.

The Alphamer technology is based on “programmable immunity” in which chemically synthesised molecules redirect naturally occurring antibodies to selected pathogens to fight the infection. The molecules have two distinct parts: one end binds a cell-surface target on the pathogen using an aptamer whereas the other end presents specific epitopes that attach to the circulating antibodies. It has been demonstrated that Alphamers have the potential to redirect pre-existing antibodies to bacteria in a specific manner and trigger an immediate antibacterial immune response, so clearing the infection.

Centauri acquired the Alphamer platform following the publication of a successful preclinical proof of principle study and continues to build the platform and drug discovery expertise necessary to exploit the exciting new approach

Centauri Therapeutics’ assets include specific leads and platform chemistry that is protected by strong IP and a family of granted patents and applications.

For more information about the company please visit www.centauritherapeutics.com.

Silver Sponsor

Pure Biologics is a biopharmaceutical company. We are conducting in-house research projects for the development of new biopharmaceutical drugs, diagnostics tests and therapeutical medical devices. Our company has a unique technological know-how with proprietary platforms for selection of antibody fragments and chemically modified aptamers. We are leveraging these technologies to employ biological binding entities for drug development and diagnostics. We are also providing fee-for- service contract research for pharmaceutical companies and academia, comprising recombinant proteins production in various cell systems and a broad protein analytics portfolio, as well as selection of custom antibody fragments and aptamers.

Silver Sponsor

Aptamer Solutions Ltd: Continued success and growth has enabled Aptamer Group to restructure its Scientific Operations team. Increasing interest in the development of aptamers against small molecule targets has led to the formation of a dedicated scientific team. This is in addition to the existing team focused on aptamer generation against larger targets (proteins, viruses, cells etc).

Aptamer Group has developed a unique displacement method to overcome issues with the traditional bound target approach to select aptamers against small molecules. In a reversal, the aptamer library is bead immobilised and, after removal of non-specific aptamers, the small molecule target is presented in solution. Small molecule target specific aptamers are eluted, amplified and quantified before preparing a refined library for the subsequent round of selection. Counter selection steps can be included to drive specificity. We have had success selecting aptamers to a range of small molecules, including; anti-cancer therapeutics, a food contaminating neurotoxin, ATP and phospholipids.

An application of interest for many of our customers is protein purification. We are using our AptaBind selection process to develop aptamers for use in Aptamer-Mediated Affinity Chromatography (AMAC). The AptaBind process isolates only those that both bind and release the target protein under the customer specified purification conditions. These AptaBind aptamers are then immobilised onto an appropriate resin for use in aptamer-mediated column purification.

Aptamer selection is achieved using an automated high-throughput robotic selection platform. This enables rapid delivery of aptamers with the required specificity and binding characteristics.


Important Dates

Early Registration: 05 Jan 2018
Register 3-for-2: 05 Jan 2018
Oral Abstracts: 22 Jan 2018
Standard Registration: 26 Mar 2018
Poster Abstracts: 26 Mar 2018
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