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Open-access, peer-reviewed
The Eur J Extracellular Vesicles
Open-access, peer-reviewed

Sponsorship Opportunities

Aptamers 2020 welcomes demonstration of R&D and laboratory supplies related to DNA/RNA oligonucleotide research and invites commercial sponsorship. We have a variety of highly-competitive sponsorship packages. However, if your needs are not covered by our offered packages, we will be happy to develop a package to suit your requirements.

For our sponsorship brochure and further information please email aptamersoxford@gmail.com.

Our terms

Aptamers 2020 Sponsors

Gold Sponsor and exhibitor

ATDBio specialises in the synthesis of complex DNA and RNA oligonucleotides, aptamers and modified triphosphates for demanding applications. Trusted by leading biotech companies, academic institutes and clinical laboratories worldwide, we work in partnership with our customers to design and deliver products that meet their unique requirements. Product quality and purity are assured through our state-of-the-art, ISO9001-certified production facilities. Contact us at www.atdbio.com.

Silver Sponsor and Exhibitor

Waters offer innovative and powerful solutions based upon LC, LC/MS, separations and informatics tools designed to address the multi-faceted analytical needs of a modern laboratory – from synthesis to characterization, analytical development and quality control– and to keep pace with the regulatory changes that impact development laboratories. Our solutions are designed specifically to provide more accurate results and simplify your analysis – thereby increasing your productivity. Whether you are looking at confirmation of an oligonucleotide structure or purity through to full characterisation experiments and quantitation of impurities, we offer a total solution for your laboratory.

Solis BioDyne develops and manufactures high quality molecular biology reagents since 1995. The company is based in Tartu, Estonia, an international academic city with a growing biotechnology sector.

Our young and professional team is dedicated to provide: high quality products, cost effective solutions and quick and personal service.

Our product line includes:

  • DNA polymerases and master mixes
  • Dye- and probe-based qPCR master mixes
  • Reverse transcriptases
  • 1-step RT-qPCR Mixes
  • Reagents for multiplex PCR/ qPCR and one-step RT-qPCR
  • Additional reagents including nucleotides and loading dyes

Our entire product range is stable at room temperature for a month thanks to genetical modification in our enzymes, called Stability TAG (EU Patent EP2501716 and US Patent no 9,321,999).

Our Stability TAG technology means we can ship our reagents without dry ice and large insulation boxes, which is better for the environment and also cost effective. Additionally it it means that reagents that are usually extreamly sensitive to temperature can be handeled without ice needed during set-up.

Solis BioDyne Quality Management System is certified to ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 standards. This allows our clients to be confident in our ability to manufacture the products reproducibly lot to lot. Solis BioDyne has partners in both private and public sectors, with cooperation projects ranging from OEM production to scientific research and diagnostics.

We hope to be your partner of choice in your molecular biology applications!

Bronze Sponsor and Exhibitor

SomaLogic is transforming healthcare by applying our proprietary protein-measurement technology to enable the precise monitoring of each individual’s health and wellness status in real time. We work with many different partners across research, health management, pharmaceutical development, and other health-related fields to build applications on our “SOMAscan Platform,” a single cost-effective and reliable testing platform that provides actionable and timely information to patients and healthcare providers across a wide range of diseases and conditions. Our SOMAmer® and SOMAscan® technologies also have multiple applications across the biomedical and life sciences, and are currently available to the entire scientific community for their own research needs. For more information, visit www.somalogic.com.

Media Sponsor

Invitation to submit an article to the journal Aptamers

We invite you to submit your research to the journal Aptamers (ISSN: 2514-3247), which is a new official open-access journal of the International Society on Aptamers, dedicated to publishing peer-reviewed research and reviews on all aspects of aptamer research.

We are happy to waive basic open access publication fee until 30 September 2020 for Oligo 2020 and Aptamers 2020 delegates, as long as the manuscripts are prepared according to the guidelines for authors.


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Important Dates

Early Registration: 13 January 2020
Register 3-for-2: 31 Dec 2019
Oral Abstracts: 13 January 2020
Standard Registration: 28 Feb 2020
Late/Onsite Registration: 31 Mar 2020
Poster Abstracts: 21 Feb 2020
Register 4-for-3: Any time

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