Venoms and Toxins 2022, 23-25 August, Oxford, UK

Venoms and Toxins 2022



We warmly invite you to attend our 2022 international toxinology conference “Venoms and Toxins 2022” which will be held on 23rd -25th August 2022. We are committed to holding this conference as a ‘virtual/in-person’ hybrid event at our traditional venue of St Hilda’s College, Oxford, UK.

Building on the successes of our past meetings, which demonstrated our commitment to a diverse and inclusive programme, showcasing senior and emerging researchers from across the globe, we endeavour to maintain this scientific excellence and originality, and offer the toxinology community another exciting scientific agenda in 2022.

Keynote speakers

Professor Glenn King (The University of Queensland, Australia) | Professor Ornella Rossetto (University of Padova, Italy) | Dr Giulia Zancolli (Université de Lausanne, Switzerland) | Professor Abdulrazaq Habib (Bayero University, Nigeria)

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Conference summary: The conference agenda will address most aspects of toxinology research. Our key priority scientific areas for this meeting include:

  • New techniques for analysing venoms and antidotes (venomics, antivenomics)
  • Clinical toxinology: novel treatments for victims of envenoming (small molecular weight venom enzyme inhibitors and novel antivenom designs)
  • Biological interface: evolution of venoms; new venomous taxa; habits of venomous animals that bring them into contact with humans; conservation of toxifauna and toxiflora
  • Snake venom/antivenom pharmacokinetics and dynamics and their applicability to snakebite diagnostics
  • Neuropharmacology and neurophysiology
  • Plant toxins, including mushroom poisoning
  • Bacterial toxins, including cyanobacteria

Get involved in shaping the conference agenda: We wish to invite the whole toxinology community to play an active role in designing the scientific programme of this meeting, whether you are planning to attend or not. We welcome proposals for:

> keynote and other speakers
agenda topics
> an emerging toxinologist award

We particularly encourage young researchers, including final-year doctoral students and early-/mid-career postdoctoral researchers/junior group leaders to play an active role in putting together regional (e.g., African, Asian, South American) and international ECR symposia on topics of their interest in the field of toxinology, and to submit their proposals to benefit from this valuable opportunity.

Please email your questions and suggestions to

Dr Eddie Rowan
Professor Anna Nekaris
Dr Rita de Cássia Collaço
(Venoms and Toxins 2022 Scientific Chairs)

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