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Dynamic Biosensors provides instruments and consumables for advanced biomolecular interaction analysis on biochips and single cells, facilitating breakthroughs in drug discovery, life science research, and cell & gene therapies. Commercializing switchSENSE® and Real-Time Interaction Cytometry (RT-IC) technologies, switchSENSE® offers a unique platform for molecule-molecule interaction analysis, while RT-IC enables real-time measurement of molecules binding to membrane targets on cells.

Featured Products

heliX / heliX+:
The heliX biosensor instrument utilizes switchSENSE® technology to provide comprehensive biophysical data in a single measurement, covering kinetics, affinity, avidity, dose response, multispecific interactions, ternary complex formation, conformational changes, relative changes in protein size, and nucleic acid enzyme binding and activity.







The heliXcyto instrument, the first automated biosensor for RT-IC, allows the characterization of interactions involving antibodies, receptors, membrane targets, and more in their native environment on cells. It offers automated analysis of association kinetics, dissociation kinetics, affinities, and avidities while preserving the complexity of the biological system.







proFIRE® is a unique system for the preparation, purification, and analysis of protein-DNA conjugates, ensuring consistent and superior conjugate quality for experiments. The solution delivers simply pure protein-DNA conjugates, overcoming the challenges posed by conventional methods.







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Mr Liam Cole
Technical Sales Manager – Uk and Ireland
Email: liam.cole@dynamic-biosensors.com

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