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NeoVentures, established in 2002, has risen to become the global leader in aptamer development and applications. Co-founded by Ximena Vedoya and Gregory Penner, our company originated from their recognition of the gap between aptamer discovery and its commercial utilization. Our mission is driven by the belief that the healthcare industry itself requires reinvention, and we are dedicated to employing innovative approaches to enhance healthcare.

We are honored to have earned the trust of numerous partners worldwide who share our commitment to advancing healthcare. Together, we are revolutionizing diagnostics and drug delivery, empowering individuals to dynamically manage their health trajectories.

Among our pioneering achievements is the successful development of aptamers for small molecules such as ochratoxin A and aflatoxin B1. This breakthrough enabled us to pioneer the commercialization of aptamer-based diagnostics, including the Mycosense series.

At NeoVentures, we have consistently led the way in developing aptamers as commercial products. Our pioneering invention of the Neomer method of aptamer development not only addressed the traditional challenge of aptamers lacking specificity but also fundamentally transformed aptamer science. Additionally, we have developed a multitude of diagnostic application methods, such as electrochemical systems and a versatile fluorescent switch system adaptable to any target.

NeoVentures Biotechnology Europe (formerly NeoNeuro SAS) has developed the Aptamarker platform, a groundbreaking biomarker discovery platform. By harnessing the unique properties of aptamers, the Aptamarker platform facilitates the identification and validation of biomarkers with unparalleled specificity and sensitivity. This platform empowers the validation and discovery of biomarkers for patient stratification, establishment of inclusion and exclusion criteria for clinical trials, mapping of target engagement, and support of diagnostics and therapeutic development.

The Aptamarker platform represents a significant advancement over other next-generation proteomics platforms such as Somascan or O-Link. It offers greater depth to characterize the abundance of both canonical and non-canonical forms of proteins, including isoforms, cleavage events, foldings, post-translational modifications (PTMs), and complexes (dimers, trimers, etc). Additionally, the platform is simpler to apply and less expensive than traditional approaches to proteomics or transcriptomics. It seamlessly translates into commercializable qPCR assays for biomarkers discovered for any application. This platform holds immense potential to revolutionize diagnostics and personalized medicine, ushering in a new era of more effective and targeted healthcare solutions.”


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