Event Planning and management

services offered by LibPubMedia Ltd

We are a highly-efficient, dedicated and focused team with over 10 years of diverse experience in organising residential, non-residential, small and large scientific conferences, symposia, workshops, training course and board meetings (see Case Studies).

We have not only been planning and organising our own cutting-edge events since 2005, but have also been managing and supporting events for national and international clients in academic and government institutions, commercial companies, including publishers and laboratory suppliers, and international academic societies.

Our conferences have attracted several of the world’s leading scientists from academia and industry, and have led to many successful new research collaborations (see our Speakers Hall of Fame).

Organising an event is never an easy task – it can be stressful and time-consuming – depending upon the size of the event it can take anything from a few months to a couple of years. Our vast experience simply means that we can facilitate all aspects of planning your event, at any stage and throughout its life-cycle, by organising everything – from the event programme and sourcing speakers to setting up your website and on-site management. We will work with you throughout to deliver your specific goals, your message and your brand in a seamless and stress-free manner.

Types of events we can organise:

Our knowledge of event organisation is diverse and transferable. Although we specialise in life sciences, healthcare, biotechnology and pharma sectors, we can also organise events in any other scientific discipline, humanities and social sciences.

We can organise events that are:

  • For a few hours to several days long
  • For a few to several hundred participants
  • Residential or non-residential

We can help you to organise, for example:

  • National or international academic and commercial conferences
  • Training workshops (including computer-based training), courses and symposia
  • Corporate/board meetings
  • Internal team meetings
  • Discussion groups
  • Company retreats
  • Trade/sales exhibitions
  • Networking events

What next?

Please send us your query by email on LPM Event Management, or via the online Query Form. We will get back to you as soon as possible to learn about your requirements. We aim to complete a review of your requirements and provide you with a comprehensive proposal, including costs, within 48-72 hours of your receiving your information. Where possible, we would also be happy to arrange a visit to the venue, if required.

We guarantee that our fast, professional and friendly services will save you time, money and a lot of hassle and stress.

Welcome to our event planning and management services The Great OXFORD EXPERIENCE The beautiful and historic OXFORD: The right place for YOUR NEXT CONFERENCE OR MEETING Enjoy our specialist experience, local Oxford knowledge and professional event management services Having trouble deciding the right place for your next event? The beautiful and historical Oxford is the place to be! Brand your event with Oxford and make it stand out among others. You may be a national or international client, an academic society, a business entity or a charity, and whatever you want to organise:

  • An event for a few hours or over several days
  • For a few to several hundred participants
  • A residential or a non-residential event

We specialise in academic and related life sciences, healthcare, biotechnology and pharma sectors. However, we are also happy to organise events in other areas. Make Oxford the place of your next event. We will work with you to take all the strain and stress of organisation away from you, to make your event memorable and to give you the complete peace of mind so that you could enjoy and spend your intellectual energies more positively. We can help you to organise:

  • National or international academic conferences
  • Training workshops
  • Discussion groups
  • Company retreats
  • Board/corporate meetings
  • Trade/sales exhibitions
  • Product launch
  • Networking event