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Thank you for joining the International Society on Aptamers.
The membership of the society is currently free and is open to anyone from academia and industry, working in the field of aptamers. While joining the Society remains free, we are, however, happy to issue electronic membership certificates as follows:
  • First certificate (full-time student), valid for one year: £20
  • First certificate (academic/postdoc), valid for one year: £30
  • First certificate (industry), valid for one year: £50
  • Membership extension for existing members: £15 per year
  • Amendments to a certificate: £5 per request

Please complete your payment using the form below. An electronic membership certificate (PDF) will be issued once we have received your full payment. We strongly recommend that after submitting your form you send us a brief email on AptaSoc@gmail.com to inform us of the submission.

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