RNAi2009 Speakers

Dr Mark Lindsay, UK
Role of microRNAs in the innate immune response

Dr Marcus Peter, USA
The role of microRNAs in tumour progression

Dr Alberto Gulino, Italy
MicroRNA control of cerebellar neural progenitors and medulloblastoma cells

Professor Cy Stein, USA – *Keynote Speaker*
Efficient Gene Silencing by the Gymnotic Delivery of Oligonucleotides

Dr Jörg Vollmer, Pfizer-Coley, Germany
Delivery systems and their use for single- and double-stranded RNA therapeutics

Professor Achim Aigner, Germany
Anti-tumor effects of polyethylenimine ( PEI)-complexed siRNAs or shRNAs targeting tumor-relevant genes

Dr Dmitry Samarsky, RXi Pharma, USA
The Role of RNAi Compound Potency and Delivery in In Vivo Efficacy

Dr Lars Dölken, Germany
Identification and characterisation of MCMV encoded miRNAs in vitro and in vivo

Dr Nikolas Machuy, Germany
Global identification and therapeutic knock down of host cell factors essential for influenza replication

Dr Venugopal Nair, UK 
Role of avian herpesvirus-encoded microRNAs in pathogenesis

Dr Martin Kreutz, Qiagen, Germany 
Title: Quantification and functional analysis of miRNA in mammalian cells

Dr Stephanie Urschel, Thermo Scientific, Germany
Micro-RNA (miRNA) Mediated Gene Regulation: Analyzing miRNAs involved in biological processes

Dr Natal’ya Kruglova, Russia
Structurally modified anti-MDR1 siRNAs with selective 2’-O-methyl modifications: Biological activity and nuclease resistance

Dr Zubair Ahmed, UK
Protection of Retinal Ganglion Cells from Apoptosis Induced by Optic Nerve Crush by Intra-vitreal Injection of siRNA

Dr Olaf Heidenreich, UK
Fusion Genes: Lime Leafs in the Leukaemic Armour?

Professor Nick Proudfoot, UK
Autoregulation of convergent RNAi genes by transient heterochromatin formation inS. pombe

Professor Rene Bernards, The Netherlands – *Keynote Speaker*
Functional genetics approaches to identify drug response biomarkers

Dr Mark Behlke, IDTDNA, USA
U1 Adaptors: A novel gene silencing technology

Professor Ben Berkhout, The Netherlands
RNAi gene therapy for HIV-AIDS

Professor Georg Sczakiel, Germany
Title: Cellular uptake of naked functional oligonucleotides: the phosphorothioate-stimulated delivery of siRNA indicates new routes for cellular and intracellular transport

Dr Gilles Divita, France 
Peptide-based nano-particle for in vivo delivery of siRNAs

Dr Raymond Schiffelers, The Netherlands 
PCI facilitates endosomal escape and improves silencing efficiency, in vitro and in vivo

Dr Tatiana Kabilova, Russia
Title: Antiproliferative action of immunomodulating siRNAs: Dependence on their sequences

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