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Aptamers2014 (24-25 March 2014, Oxford, UK)

RNAi2014, (25-27 March 2014, Oxford, UK)

NGS 2014, (31 March-03 April 2014, Oxford, UK)


RNAi2011 Speakers

Oxford academic RNAi conferences offer best scientific programme in Europe, attracting a global participation of leading scientists from academia and industry, postdoctoral researchers and students. These conferences provide an excellent opportunity to establish new collaborative links with academic and industrial colleagues and to find a PhD or a postdoctoral position.

Professor Kostas KostarelosUniversity of London, UK
Carbon nanotube-mediated siRNA delivery

Professor Dr Achim AignerPhilipps-University, Germany
Polyplex-mediated in vivo delivery of miRNA-145 or miRNA-33a for therapy of colon carcinoma in xenograft mouse models

Dr Mirko LudwigUniversity of Jena, Germany
Cell-specific gene silencing in vivo using peptide-blocked siRNAs

Professor Andrew MillerKing’s College London, UK
Delivering on RNAi therapeutics, molecular imaging and theranostics; what do we think that we know?

Professor Yaping TianChinese PLA General Hospital, China
Serum microRNA characterization identifies miR-885-5p as a potential marker for detecting liver pathologies

Dr Samira Lakhal-Littleton, University of Oxford, UK
Exosome-mediated RNAi delivery for neurological disease

Dr Nikos HontzeasSigma-Aldrich, USA 
MICRORNA TARGET VALIDATION: MISSION® 3’UTR Lenti GoClones and human microRNA mimics

Dr Mark BehlkeIDT DNA, USA
Novel chemistries for anti-miRNA oligonucleotides

Professor Nagy A HabibImperial College London, UK
Oligonucleotides for cell reprogramming: Characterisation of short RNAs that activate KLF4 expression

Professor Sir David Baulcombe (Keynote Speaker), University of Cambridge, UK
RNA silencing, virus resistance, mobile signals and genome interactions

Dr Steve BrownRNAi Facility, University of Shefield, UK
Genome-wide RNAi screens using High Content Microscopy

Technology Workshop by Molecular Devices

Technology Workshop by Sigma-Aldrich

Professor Dr Johannes GrillariUniversity of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Austria
MicroRNA-31 is secreted by senescent endothelial cells and inhibits osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells

Dr David HornLondon School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, London, UK
RNAi libraries for high throughput phenotyping and drug resistance screening in African trypanosomes

Professor Adrian Harris (Keynote Speaker)CRUK, Oxford, UK
Hypoxia induced miRNAs: Mechanisms of effect, prognostic factors and therapeutic targets

Dr Sam Griffiths-JonesUniversity of Manchester, UK
Integration of microRNA annotation and deep-sequencing data

Dr Patrick LuSiranomics, USA
TGFβ1/COX-2 siRNA inhibitors for novel anti-scar therapeutics

Professor John J O’LearyTrinity College Dublin, Ireland
Molecular targeting of HPV oncogenes and the role of miRNA-21 in the cancer cascade

Professor Andrew HamiltonUniversity of Glasgow, UK
MicroRNAs in erythrocytes

Professor Dr Georg SczakielUniversity of Lubeck, Germany
Limitations for RNAi: intracellular release of siRNA and cell stress

Dr Roger AdamiMarina Biotech, Inc, USA
A novel amino acid-based delivery platform for therapeutic applications inbladder cancer and hepatocellular carcinoma

Dr Natalia BotchkarevaUniversity of Bradford, UK
MicroRNA-21 mediates the effects of the BMP signalling pathway in keratinocytes


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