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About the Sponsor

Pure Biologics  S.A. is one of the largest Polish biotech companies. Founded in 2010, it is listed on the NewConnect market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Pure Biologics’ major R&D activity focuses on bispecific and fusion antibodies, as well as aptamers to be developed into viable candidates for therapeutics in immunooncology (colorectal, breast and lung cancers), and in the treatment of neurological diseases (neuromyelitis optica, myasthenia gravis).

To this end, Pure Biologics has created highly efficient platforms to generate specific antibodies and modified aptamers, supported by state-of-the-art assays and analytics. Moreover, Pure Biologics utilizes its broad experience in antibodies, aptamers, cell and molecular biology, protein and antigen expression and purification, custom assay development, and ligand-binding analysis, offering complex solutions not only as a contract research organization and service provider, but primarily as a professional consultant and R&D partner. Its customers represent a wide variety of environments, ranging from academic collaborations to pharma and biotech companies. Pure Biologics aims to out-license its early-stage assets and to connect with partners in need of complex biotechnological solutions.

Contact Information

Address: Pure Biologics S.A., ul. Duńska 11, 54-427 Wrocław, Poland
Tel: PL +48 570 00 2829; USA +1 415 830 6341; USA +1 650 318 1828

SKYPE: purebiologics
Twitter: @purebiologics

Featured Products

The BioAccord is an integrated LC-MS system that greatly simplifies high-performance biopharmaceutical analysis. It’s easy-to-use and puts the decision making directly in your hands.

The BioAccord System is a self-calibrating, self-optimizing, self-sufficient tool that delivers high-quality data to help you tackle the challenges you face during biopharmaceutical development

Ideally suited to nucleotide and peptide analysis, now you can generate the data you need to make decisions without the need to be an expert mass spectrometrist.

Waters Oligonucleotide (OST) and Peptide (PST) Separation Technology columns contain second- generation hybrid silica BEH Technology particles functionalised with C18.

OST columns allow the separation of synthetic oligonucleotide samples, based on the well-established method of ion-pair, reversed-phase chromatography.

PST columns provide a consistent set of chromatographic tools across all research and development applications that require analysis and isolation of peptides.

Waters OST and PST columns deliver exceptional sample resolution and superior column life, making them the ideal choice for your application. Our manufacturing and QC testing procedures help ensure consistent batch-to-batch and column-to-column performance regardless of application demands.

Waters offer a wide range of advanced characterisation solutions for aptamers:

Xevo G2-XS QTof – high-resolution MS with enhanced sensitivity for in-depth characterization, including ms/ms sequence confirmation

Vion IMS QTof – The risk of not seeing everything in your sample can be high, especially if this results in incorrect identifications or time-consuming confirmatory experiments. Vion reduces this risk, making ion mobility quantitative and routinely usable

SYNAPT XS – for further characterisation of aptamers and associated impurities. Combining ion mobility measurements and separations with QTof MS enables analysis of aptamers by size and shape, as well as mass, to deliver increased selectivity and sensitivity beyond conventional MS.


Meet the Team

Ms Monika Czarnecka

Pure Biologics S.A.
ul. Duńska 11
54-427 Wrocław


Ms Magda Puchala

Pure Biologics S.A.
ul. Duńska 11
54-427 Wrocław

Meet the Team (Aletrnative team layout)

Waters Biopharma Specialists cover a range of applications including oligonucleotides, peptides, characterisation of complex biotherapeutics, cell and gene therapies, bioseparations, protein glycosylation and biopharmaceutical development and manufacture.

Nick Pittman

Nick has worked with Waters for 7 years, looking after Chromatography and Mass Spec technologies across a range of applications including Pharmaceuticals, Health Sciences (Omics), Clinical Diagnostics and Food.  Previous to joining Waters, Nick spent 10 years working with LC and LC-MS in pharmaceutical development at Pfizer.


Dan Trenzinger

Dan has worked with Waters for 12 years, looking after chemistry technologies across a range of applications, including pharma, clinical, environmental, food and chemical analysis Previous to joining Waters, Dan spent 12 years working with LC in pharmaceutical development in the CRO industry.


Contact us: To discuss your aptamer separation and characterisation requirements, please contact us on or

If you would like to book a meeting with the team members via a breakout room during break hours, please send your name and email address to


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