Event Copyright Information

By agreeing to participate and present at this event, presenters and co-presenters, including speakers and poster presenters, sponsors, exhibitors and advertisers declare to abide by the following agreement. If you have any questions, or if you do not wish your presentation to be disclosed in any particular manner, please inform us at the time of submission of the presentation material.

Copyrights, patent rights, ownership, the right to re-use the content and the right to store, display and distribute contents of oral and poster presentations and abstracts submitted for this event (hereafter referred to as ‘the presentations’ and ‘the abstracts’, respectively) remain with the presenter(s) and the original copyright holder(s). However, the presenter(s) and the copyright holder(s) of the presentations (authors, co-authors, their employers or any other parties claiming copyright in the presentation work) agree and undertake for the full legal term of the copyright and its any extensions or renewals, throughout the world that:

1. They have the right to present this work at this event.

2. The presentation does not infringe anyone’s copyright or other rights. If any copyrighted material is included the presentation, the presenter(s) have obtained appropriate written permission(s) from the original copyright holder(s) to present such materials.

3. You have exercised every care to ensure that the work reported in this presentation is accurate and that you have followed ethical guidelines regarding the use of chemical or biological materials, animal and/or human subjects.

4. You will be wholly responsible for any legal action taken against you resulting from your infringement of anyone’s copyrights or other rights.

5. You agree to indemnify us for all costs, expenses or legal fees arising out of your breach of any clause of this agreement.

The presenter(s) and the copyright holder(s) grant us and/or our successors royalty-free licence:-

1. To record, publish, distribute, publicise, sell and advertise your presentation at any time, in any form – singularly or as a part of a collective work, such as a collection of presentations and/or abstracts – in any medium, electronic, print or that may be invented hereafter.

2. To reproduce or translate your presentation and/or abstract in any other language

3. To add subtitles to your presentation and/or abstract in any language

4. To add sign language to your presentation via an interpreter

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