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  • Journal of Venom Research
  • Journal of Venom Research
    Open-access, peer-reviewed: addressing therapeutic, molecular, biochemical & evolutionary research on venoms, & envenomation.

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An open access, peer-reviewed journal – will publish high-quality articles addressing most aspects of therapeutic, molecular, biochemical and evolutionary research on venoms, and envenomation.

Editor-in-Chief: Dr Edward G Rowan (Glasgow, UK)
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Managing Editor: Dr M Sohail (Oxford, UK)

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Recent Articles

Venom gland components of the ectoparasitoid wasp, Anisopteromalus calandrae

Posted on 24 Dec 2015
Perkin et al, J Venom Res, 2015, 19-37

Enzymatic analysis of venom from Cuban scorpion Rhopalurus junceus

Posted on 22 Jul 2015
Díaz-García et al, J Venom Res, 2015, 11-18

Plectreurys tristis venome: A proteomic and transcriptomic analysis

Posted on 20 Sep 2014
Zobel-Thropp et al, J Venom Res, 2014, 33-47

Hemolytic venoms from marine cnidarian jellyfish – an overview

Posted on 23 Jul 2014
Gian Luigi Mariottini, J Venom Res, 2014, 22-32