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    Open-access, peer-reviewed: addressing therapeutic, molecular, biochemical & evolutionary research on venoms, & envenomation.

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An open access, peer-reviewed journal – will publish high-quality articles addressing most aspects of therapeutic, molecular, biochemical and evolutionary research on venoms, and envenomation.

Editor-in-Chief: Dr Edward G Rowan (Glasgow, UK)
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Managing Editor: Dr M Sohail (Oxford, UK)

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TTX, cations and spider venom modify avian muscle tone in vitro

Posted on 02 Jan 2011
Research Report J Venom Res (2011), Vol 2, 1-5 doi: Published online: 02 January 2011 Full Text: (ht

Ontogenesis, gender, and molting influence the venom yield in the spider Coremiocnemis tropix (Araneae, Theraphosidae)

Posted on 15 Dec 2010
Research Article  J Venom Res (2010), Vol 1, 76-83 doi: Published online: 15 December 2010 Full Text

Differences in venom toxicity and antigenicity between females and males Tityus nororientalis (Buthidae) scorpions

Posted on 21 Oct 2010
Research Article  J Venom Res (2010), Vol 1, 61-70 doi: Published online: 21 October 2010 Full Text:

Heparin at low concentration acts as antivenom against Bothrops jararacussu venom and bothropstoxin-I neurotoxic and myotoxic actions

Posted on 15 Oct 2010
Research Report  J Venom Res (2010), Vol 1, 54-60 doi: Published online: 15 October 2010 Full Text: