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Open-access, peer-reviewed
The Eur J Extracellular Vesicles
Open-access, peer-reviewed

Publication Charges

Journal of Venom Research

Submission of articles to the Journal is free. However, for accepted articles there is an article processing charge to cover production and administrative costs (that would otherwise be recovered through journal sales and subscriptions for a restricted access journal).

The submitting/senior author must confirm at the time of manuscript submission that they have sufficient funds to cover the article processing charges, if their manuscript is accepted for publication. The charges become payable as soon as the manuscript has been accepted in principle by the Editor-in-Chief following peer-review. We may ask the authors to pay the Basic Open-Access Article Processing Fee before their article is processed any further.

Basic Open-Access Article Processing Fee per year: GB £475*

*Authors only pay for the first article they publish in this journal. All subsequent publications (subject to successful peer-review) during the year (from the day of publication) are free of charge, as long as the articles are prepared according to the instructions.

The above charges are valid for articles in the category of reviews, mini-reviews, research articles, research reports, clinical reports, and new methods and technologies,  within the recommended size limits (see Preparation of Manuscripts). Longer articles will be charged at £50 per every additional 400 words (or a fraction), per extra figure or table (including supplementary figures and tables), or per every ten extra references (or a fraction).

Other Other types of articles, such as, letters, meeting reports, news and editorials will be charged at GB £175* per printed journal page, or a fraction of a page (maximum GB £475*) (guide: ca. 800 words per page, excluding figures and tables).

Should your article be withdrawn after its publication for any reasons, for example, but not limited to, for providing false information, falsifying data in the article, defaulting publication charges, violation of anyone’s copyrights or other rights, you will remain liable for publication charges and any other costs agreed or paid at the time of publication of your article.

Editing Charges

In-house copy editing of submitted manuscripts is kept to a minimum. Authors are responsible for the accuracy of the English language of their manuscript, and if their first language is not English they should have their manuscript proofread by other colleagues. The corresponding author is notified at the time of manuscript submission, should a manuscript require extensive linguistic editing.


A charge will be made to authors if figures, line drawings or tables are of insufficient quality and standard, and do not conform to the journal style, and have to be re-drawn, re-sized or converted into the correct format by the Publisher (minimum charge GB £25 per item). In multi-part figures each part constitutes one item. Authors are generally notified of this at the time of manuscript revision.


Authors must also provide references in the correct journal format. Costs of extensive formatting of references will be passed on to the authors (minimum £50).