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 • Aptamers2014: Therapeutic, diagnostic, analytical applications of aptamers – 24-25 March 2014, Oxford (UK)

RNAi2014: Short and Long Non-coding RNAs, 25-27 March 2014, Oxford (UK)

NGS2014: Next Generation Sequencing – From Technology to Application: 31 March-03 April 2014, Oxford (UK)

Phages2014: Bacteriophage in Medicine, Food and Biotechnology:16-18 September 2014, Oxford, UK

Influenza2014: One Influenza, On World, One Health: 09-11 September 2014, Oxford, UK

DrugDesign2013: Fragment- and Ligand-based Drug Design, 03-05 Sep 2013, Oxford (UK)

Phages2013: Bacteriophage in Medicine, Food and Biotechnology, 10-12 Sep 2013, Oxford (UK)

Influenza2013: One Influenza, One World, One Health, 17-19 Sep 2013, Oxford (UK)

Venoms2013: Making Sense of Venoms in Health and Disease – 24-26 Sep 2013, Oxford (UK)

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