Start a New Journal with Library Publishing Media

We welcome proposals to start new independent, open-access journals in biological, medical and biotechnological sciences from academics and academic societies all over the world. Please email us on libpubmedia1 at, with your proposal, including the following information:-

  • Proposed title of the new journal
  • Aims and scope of the new journal
  • Proposed frequency; monthly, bimonthly or quarterly
  • Proposed Editor(s)-in Chief, Associate Editors (if any), Advisory/Editorial Boards – state if you have contacted any of them and what was their response
  • Competing journal titles with names of their publishers
  • What is different about your journal and what gaps will it fill? For example, is there another open-access journal in your proposed research field?
  • Propose five experts who we may contact to review your proposal
  • Tell us about proposed Editor(s)-in Chief: Have they agreed to act in this capacity? Does any of the Editors-in-Chief have any previous editorial experience?
  • Attach CV(s) of proposed Editor(s)-in-Chief

  What Happens Next After reviewing your proposal we will make a decision and inform you as soon as possible. In case of a favourable decision we will ask you to:-

  • Propose a launch date
  • Establish Editorial Boards
  • Establish editorial policies

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