TAGCyx (Japan) – Our Bronze Sponsor

TAGCyx Biotechnologies Inc. is a drug discovery and development company based in Japan, spun out of Riken Research Institute. We utilizes its proprietary, artificial nucleotide base pair technology invented by Dr. Ichiro Hirao to generate unique DNA aptamer, Xenoligo®, for therapeutic purposes.  Amongst various type of aptamers, the advantage of Xenoligo® are: 1) comprised of DNA, 2) achieves high affinity and specificity to the target, 3) low cost of manufacturing, and 4) its rapid selection process.  Xenoligo® works as an active pharmaceutical ingredient, as well as a delivery tools in the form of Aptamer-drug conjugate.  Our Xenoligo® pipeline are: TAGX-0003 for autoimmune disease, TAGX-0004 for haematological disease, and TAGX-0005-0009 that are specific aptamers to various tumour cell types to deliver a drug of interest.  TAGCyx are under drug discovery partnerships with some pharmaceutical companies and biotech venture and planning to expand a number of partnerships.