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NeoVentures was founded in 2002 and has since become the world leader in aptamer development and applications. The company was cofounded by Ms. Ximena Vedoya and Dr. Gregory Penner based on their observation of the need to bridge the gap between aptamer discovery and commercial application. We are committed to applying innovative approaches to improving health care. We think that health care itself needs to be reinvented.

We are proud to have been trusted by the many partners we have globally who share our commitment to improving health care. Together we are reinventing diagnostics and drug delivery in ways that will provide individuals with the capacity to own their health trajectories dynamically.

We were the first to successfully develop aptamers for small molecules for ochratoxin A and aflatoxin B1. This allowed us to be the first company to commercialize an aptamer-based diagnostic, the Mycosense series.

At NeoVentures, we have always been leaders in developing aptamers as commercial products. With our invention of the Neomer method of aptamer development we have not only overcome the traditional problem of aptamers lacking specificity, but we have done so in such a profound as to change the very basis of aptamer science. We have since developed a variety of methods for diagnostic applications, such as electrochemical systems and a generic fluorescent switch system that can be adapted to any target.

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